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Lease Opportunity

Before purchasing a dwelling on a site and entering into a Annual Holiday Park & Marina site agreement download and read the Disclosure Statement.

We suggest that you also read our Holiday Park Rules

Map of the park to help you get a feel of the locations.

At 30th June 2016, the annual fees payable for a site is $3880 per annum and this will be revised in May 2017


New Sites For Lease

Build your own set up from scratch, Just the way you want it!

Site 39 “Ideal for a small cabin”

Site 75 & Site 75A “Excellent Location”

Site 49B, 49C,49E 49f, 49G


Dwellings for sale by owner


 Site 139 – Location, Location, Location!


        Site 139

                          Site 139 – Priced $25,000
                          Call Michelle  0414 324 606



Site 172 Close to the Water and Amenities

        Site 172

Site 172 – Priced $18,000
                          Call Tony 0418 322 291 










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