Welcome to our downloads page. Find within links to documents pertaining to the park, including regulations and guides. All site owners are encouraged to familiarise themselves with these documents;

Click to open or right click and select ‘save target as’ to download.  Once completed either email the form or hand into General Store staff.

Below is a quick reference guide to the documents you are able to download:

Account Application Form
Change of Details Form
Account Application Form

Marina/Park Rules & Regulations
Information, Rules & Policies

Site Development/ For Sale
Disclosure Statement – Selling an Annual Holiday Site
Dwelling Sale Procedure
Request for Permission to Sell On-Site
Dwelling Sale Agreement
Caravan Park Annual Site Holders Developmental Controls
Annual Site Works Application

Emergency Procedures
Caravan Park Fire Safety Codes
Emergency Management Plan (EMP)
EMP Procedure
OH&S Policies and Procedures

Holiday Park Map
Marina Pen Map – Coming Soon

Testing/Tags of Electrical Equipment
Gas Installation
Electrical Installation
Building Code
Residential Tenancies Act 1997
Part 4A Agreement and Supporting Document
Residential Tenancies Act (Caravan Parks Movable Dwelling Registration & Standards) Regulations 2010
Amendment Caravan Parks Movable Dwelling Registration & Standards  2011
Practice Note 1 – Fire Safety in Caravan Parks
Practice Note 2 – Construction Standards for Movable Dwellings
Plumbing Regulations 2008 Exposure draft
Information Sheet: Extension of Registration – December 2010

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